Supporting The Entire value chain

CiBiD cooperates with some of Denmark’s largest agricultural farms. Several are co-owners of CiBiD. CiBiD is applying for permission for High String (greenhouse production) in connection with a trial programme in Denmark.

CiBiD has filed a process patent for its production method, where CiBiD is able to isolate the individual components from the hemp plant and thus extract “clean” products.

CiBiD has entered into a strategic cooperation with the world’s leading analysis centre for cannabis – Steep Hill Lab in the US. CiBiD has been awarded licence rights for the Nordic countries and Germany

CiBiD’s focus is on the European market for:

• Medical cannabis

• Dietary supplements

• Derma products

• Cosmetics

CiBiD will support evidence building within these areas..





CiBiD cooperates with leading universities on optimisation of seeds, sowing and harvesting methods. CiBiD has filed a patent for cultivation and harvesting of hemp – for both outdoor and greenhouse production.

CiBiD has “proof of concept” for a THC-free CBD oil from recognised analysis centres. As one of the only companies in Denmark, CiBiD has obtained a production permit from the Danish Medicines Agency to produce and sell THC-free CBD oil. CiBiD has entered into an agreement with a GMP approved production partner.

CiBiD has entered into an agreement with a leading wholesaler for distribution of products to among others pharmacies and drugstores throughout Europe. CiBiD will establish own online sales in 2018.

CiBiD is in dialogue with multinational players within Pharma & Health concerning future cooperation.

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