Part of a huge and growing market

The dietary supplement industry in Denmark has developed into a billion industry. There has never been more focus on dietary supplements than now, and the supplements have become a natural ingredient in the lives of most Danish families. The upcoming boom of the elderly is expected to accelerate the growth.

The Danes’ appetite for calcium, vitamins and fish oil has swollen to billions, and the earnings in a number of dietary supplements companies are significant. Figures from Euromonitor International show that during the last year alone, the Danes consumed dietary supplements and herbal medicines for more than DKK 1.2 billion. In Europe, sales were close to DKK 65 billion in 2016.

“It will still be attractive to sell dietary supplements in Denmark in the coming years, and I have no doubt that there will be a need,” says Henning Søgaard, CEO of Orkla Care A/S, which commands a third of the Danish dietary supplements market. Industry sources estimate that the profit margin for a large number of products is up to about 50 per cent


The CiBiD Group launches a blister pack with 30 CBD tablets of dietary supplements. The CBD tablets will be available in three different doses: 10 mg, 20 mg and 30 mg

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