CiBiD Highlights

Pure, uniform 100% THC-Free CBD oil

As one of the few companies in the world, CiBiD is able to produce THC-free CBD oil in industrial quantities, which allows for production, sale and export across the borders in accordance with the UN Convention on euphoric substances

CiBiD’s production method (patent pending) makes it possible to use cannabis, making the production in highest quality, cheaper and safer

CiBiD has entered into a strategic cooperation with one of the world’s leading cannabis analysis centres – Steep Hill Lab – with licence rights for the Nordic countries.

CiBiD cooperates with politicians, authorities and professional partners in order to create a legal market for cannabis products

Together with its partners, CiBiD wishes to contribute to the evidence and documentation of cannabis-related products within the field of medical cannabis, dietary supplements and cosmetics

CiBiD currently has sufficient raw materials in storage to produce 600 litres of CBD oil – equivalent to a value at wholesale level of DKK 44 million and estimated at retail level at DKK 220 million

CiBiD has a vision of becoming Europe’s first cannabis wellness/pain centre where cultivation, harvesting, extraction, production, analysis, evidence building, communication, teaching, doctors, pharmacies and patient care are gathered at one location

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