CiBiD Group press release

Copenhagen 9 February 2017

Danish innovation opens global opportunities for medicinal cannabis

Danish innovation opens global opportunities for medicinal cannabis

CiBiD Group has solved the biggest challenges to making medicinal cannabis a legal, documented and globally approved product. The Danish medical technology company is the first in the world to obtain proof of concept from US and Danish laboratories for a new extraction method that isolates the molecules in an industrial hemp plant.

The method is the key to obtaining pure cannabinoids – including 100% pure cannabidiol (CBD) oil free of the euphoric substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CiBiD Group has now used this innovative technology to produce a legal product suitable for use in the development of new medical products, dietary supplements and foods.

Unprecedented research opportunities
The breakthrough makes it possible to use farm-grown industrial hemp to produce pure CBD oil without THC. THC is the primary reason why many countries have declared cannabis oil illegal.

Due to its purity, uniform quality and highly concentrated form, the CBD oil creates unprecedented opportunities to research and document potential applications of medicinal cannabis. Doctors, for example, will be able to prescribe an accurate dose for patients.

CiBiD Group is currently in dialogue with Danish and international authorities, including the Danish Medicines Agency, regarding the official registration of CBD oil.

Exciting business potential for Danish farmers
“We have entered a series of agreements with large Danish producers of industrial hemp, which will enable large-scale production of pure CBD oil. We are already in a position to provide relevant partners with samples from our new production facilities,” says CiBiD Group CEO Michael Lumby.

“Due to its attractive market price, CBD represents an exciting new business area for Danish agriculture. Because CBD is not included in the law on euphoric substances, it can in principle be transported internationally. We are already working with several Danish farms on the optimisation and testing of hemp varieties and harvesting methods.”

CiBiD Group has set a clear mission to contribute to releasing the potential of medicinal cannabis – always in close cooperation with authorities, organisations and established industry for the benefit of people worldwide.

Danish-owned CiBiD Group received a DKK1.6 million grant from Innovation Fund Denmark in 2015.

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